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Case Study

When an uncommon, abnormal appearance is seen on Sonography, further approach to the problem by the person to arrive at a diagnosis will vary depending on his / her knowledge
base, past experience, basic clinical acumen and the "gut instinct". Some conditions may be the only one in one's career and its pick up depends on one's awareness. This section of case study is aiming to increase the awareness of such conditions. The best way, of learning is by way of active participation which ensures a better registration in ones memory. As you know, ultrasound scanning is a dynamic process involving continuous study of various sections and so it is difficult to interpret some selected frozen images. For these two reasons these case studies are designed in a way to initiate active participation by all of us in the form of discussion which will be more beneficial to all of us. The resources of books, journals, literature search, ability to attend conferences and time available are limited in India. I hope my endeavour will help those people who are at a disadvantageous position with respect to these. You are also welcome to share your cases in this column.

The discussion board will be active for varying periods of time depending on cases and response, after which it will be concluded with the final diagnosis.


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